Thursday, June 17, 2010

Onyx Pool Cue Tips

Tiger has just released news of there new Onyx - LTD® cue tips for billiard cues. These Onyx tips are made with the same bore hides as the well known Sniper tips. Each layer of precision skivved leather is treated with Tiger Cue Products secret process of underground tanning. Each layer of the cue tip is turned black afterwords without using any dye. This is a very slow and time consuming process.

During these steps the cue tip layers are softened ti a medium hardness while making the leather more porous and rubber-like for better cue ball action. This also makes the cue tips easier to maintain and last longer. Onyx cue tips are consistent, long lasting, and high performance.

Onyx cue tips by Tiger will be produced in limited numbers each year. This is because of the very time consuming and labor intensive process needed to create the tips. "For those who want the best, Onyx-LTD®".

Tiger Onyx Cue Tips

Onyx Cue Tips will become available on July 5th 2010, first sales will be available from Tiger Products at the BCA Show in Las Vegas


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