Thursday, September 23, 2010

Instroke Pool Cue Cases

Many billiard and pool players don’t care for the price of their cues and other pool accessories. Some buy cues which are thousands of dollars. Yet they even don’t play with the cues and instead keeping them in a safe and fixed place for collections and decoration purposes. They are not just extravagant when it comes to cues but also in the safe keeping, care and protection of these cues. Cue protection usually involves the use of a cue case. It keeps the cues in a safe place and protects it from bumps and bruises along the way.

One of the most exclusive, finest and expensive cue cases is the Instroke Cue Cases. It is a customized cue case with varying unique designs and special features. With Instroke Cue Cases, you’re not just quality guaranteed but with its classic designs and features, it is worth collecting all by itself. What are the benefits in having an Instroke Custom Cue Cases?

  1. Inside protection – Most cues are made from wood which is highly susceptible to warping. Also, non-wood cues are subject to deformities upon external conditions such as extreme temperatures (hot or cold), humidity and direct sunlight. Because of this, Instroke cases’ interior designs are made to avoid such conditions. Its interior is fully insulated to slow down acclimatization due to abrupt temperature changes. Its cue containers are PVC made unbreakable lightweight sealed tubes efficient for moisture control. Instroke cue cases are also lined with moisture resistant fabric and foam rubber to absorb shock and avoid abrasion.

  2. Exterior protection – Instroke’s exterior is made of high quality oil tanned leather and vinyl for high-end protection. The stress points on the cases are properly engineered and reinforced to prevent damage using industrial strength rivets for unmatched holding strength.

  3. Outstanding value – With the class and outstanding protection Instroke offers, you get the best value out of your money.

  4. Design Features – It has easy access large pockets that can handle cues up to 62 inches of over-all length, side and top handles plus fully adjustable shoulder strap for easy carriage, easy access jump-handle pouch and classic design. Also, you don’t have to worry for the storing orientation of your cue because Instroke accommodates up and down cue storage without compromising tip protection.

Moreover, Instroke cue cases have a wide range of variety to select from. It can accommodate one butt and one shaft to four butts and eight shafts depending on the model. It also offers hand selected exotic skin such as lizard leather, shark wrap, lizard wrap and snake skin which are all genuine. Unlimited color combination can also be purchased upon request and availability.

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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Pool Cue Tips Buying Guide

There are numbers of tips available in different variety of sizes and densities, It can be an overwhelming task to decide on which tip is right for you. We are here to help, dispelling some information about the cue tips we have available at Cuebux.

The Density of a cue tip

Different tips have different densities or hardness levels going from soft to extra hard. The softer the pool cue tip, the more likely it will mushroom or flatten out with each hit taken to the cue ball. Meaning the softer tip will require more maintenance then a hard tip.

Check out the Pool Cue Tips Hardness Chart

Pool players that prefer a softer tip because they belive that the softer the tip the easier it will be to apply english to the cue ball. The softer the tip, the more English and control you will have over the ball. Soft tips are also generally easier to scuff, maintain and have better chalk adhesion.

If you like playing games that require a lot of ball movement like nine ball, eight ball or bank pool you will probably prefer a hard tip.

Hard tips will usually last longer than soft tips, and they tend to maintain their shape for more play.

When using a harder tip, you will be replacing tips less frequently than the soft tips. Hard tips are used in games that require a lot of ball movement because they can produce more ball speed

with less force than the popular soft cue tips used today.

How to choose a tip

Now that you are a little more familiar with cue tips, which one should you choose to buy? The most popular tip is Le Pro Tips. These are also called Le Professional Tips.

They are very affordable, at only $19.95 for a box of 50 tips. Le Pro tips are excellent tips and are found on numerous brands , and in most major billiards stores.

Now if you are looking for a quality soft tip at a resonable price, then the Elk Master Tips are our most popular. These are priced at only $18.95 for a box of 50 elk master tips and are one of the most popular, softest tips on the market.

If you are a real professional, then you know that your cue tip is one of the most important pieces of equipment in determining how well your cue stick plays. If you are ready to step

up to a high end tip, Tiger tips, Kamui tips or Morri tips are ones to consider. carries Kamui Original, Tiger Dynamite, Everest, Sniper and Talisman tips to name a few of the top brands of cue tips. These are all layered tips and are more expensive, but are made with much higher quality hides, and with more attention to detail guaranteeing you that each tip you purchase will be the same as the last.

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Friday, September 17, 2010

Viking Cue Company, Looking for ownership

Viking cue company has suffered a blow from the poor economy and has stopped all cue production.

This means that finding Viking Cues, Shafts and Viking cue parts will become extremely difficult this pool season. We carry a large variety of Viking cues at Cuebux but our stock items will dwindle.

If you are planning on grabbing on to a piece of American cue making tradition, this is your opportunity.

Viking is currently looking for new ownership, so If you have a genuine interest, please get in touch. I would hate to see their name fade away in to the history books

Official Joint Protector Buying Guide

If you are a cue-thusiast then you probably have a strong urge to keep your pool cue in top shape. The number one death stroke to your cue is a bent pin or junk insert. Joint protectors are a must have for a pool cue owner. When your cue is exposed to the elements, even if it is stored in a quality case, your joint pin and insert are still exposed to the elements. That is where joint protectors will come in to play.

A good joint protector set will protect these parts from wear and tear outside of the pool playing setting.

Joint protectors come in a variety of different shapes and sizes. Your job is quite simple. Find the joint protectors that will fit your cue right?

That would be good if you knew your pin type. Heres a hint to get you started in the right direction.

The most common pin sizes are 5/16x18, 5/16x14, 3/8x10 and 3/8x14. In addition, there are some cues like Lucasi cues that use a special quick release joint system that require a proprietary joint protector set.

The following is a break down of the most common pins by manufacturer:

Joint Protectors at Cuebux

Meucci Cues , Are they the Real Deal

Meucci has for a long time had a stigma about themselves as being troublesome in the billiards industry. To tell you the truth, we had heard so many bad stories from other dealers that we had never approached them in the 7 years that we've been selling pool cues at Cuebux.

But, last year we had a great opportunity to start selling for Meucci, and decided to try them out.

Meucci Cues is based out of Mississippi, where the grass grows on the plain? I think that is how it goes anyways.

Meucci seems like its a good old boys club, with the crew cracking jokes and playing possum whenever necessary. One of my favorites there, though I rarely ever get to talk to her for long with the recent increase in pool business is Felicia.

She will lay down the law to the guys, and pull strings when necessary. I did have some problems with orders flip flopping at one point. She kept it business like, paid for return shipping, paid again, and even called my customers to appologize for us. That is a classy lady.

To get to the point, I think things must have changed over at Meucci Cue, because I have not had a problem since the before mentioned.

Meucci cues are cut on a panograph machine, The same kind most cue makers were using back in the day.. Before I was born. Essentially the Inlays and pockets are cut by hand, and you could not tell unless you took a microscope to them. At least not on the pool cue's I've taken the time to inspect with a magnifying glass.

Perfectly cut points, Circular cutouts and amazing fine inlay work. They really do take pride in their work.

What's more? Who the hell can find 35 layer micro laminate stock?? No really, I've tried. The Meucci black dot has literally stolen a good deal of your patronage. I have people calling in with Schon Cues, McDermott, you name it asking if we can have a Meucci Black Dot shaft made for their cue.

Of course the answer is, Yes.

There truly is not a shaft in the world that we could not make, or have made given the right time and money.

You want a 24 karat gold ferrule? You bet!

A Uniloc, Cognoscenti Meucci Black dot with a .25" Green G10 Ferrule, and a pressed ingot tip.. Thats easy.

The only thing they will not touch, which I can respect is Ivory Ferrules. We do have Elforyn Ferrules though that should appease the senses.

This is Andy signing out. Shout out to "The Beard" - Bank on Brother

Monday, September 13, 2010

Francisco Bustamante - Inside Pool

Featuring Newly BCA Hall of Fame Inductee Francisco Bustamante The September 2010 online issue of Inside POOL Magazine, featuring newly Billiards Congress of America Hall of Fame inductee Francisco Bustmante on the front cover, has been made available for free viewing at This month the download features more banking secrets from new instruction writer Freddy "The Beard" Bentivenga, Matt Sherman, Jaon Lynch, Tom Simpson along with tons of great new technology in online billiards magazine viewing such as enhanced clarity, Bonus Content, loads of full-screen videos, links to favorite web sites, flipping pages, zooming, emailing, sharing, and printing.  September 2010 Inside POOL Magazine features Francisco Bustamante in the front cover as he wins the World 9-Ball Championship and gets elected to the BCA Hall of Fame. Brandon Shuff takes down the VA State 9-Ball Championship. Ga Young Kim repeats at the WPBA U.S. Open 9-Ball Champion. Learn the secrets of english from writer Matt Sherman. Rack 'En Up with trick shot columnist Jason Lynch. Linares and Dorn are crowned collegiate champions. The BEF hosts the junior nationals. Shane Van Boening snaps off the Gem City. Donny Mills claims another tour stop. Get the latest professional billiards instruction from the top instructors in the world. Catch the latest billiards news from around the world. As a special video section, matches from the VA State 9-Ball Championship have been made available.  Inside POOL Magazine publishes both print and online versions of each issue. The online version is usually made available for FREE (without a membership) viewing and downloading around the second week of each month. If you would like to receive the print version of this wonderful magazine, please visit to subscribe. About Inside POOL Magazine Inside POOL Magazine launched in 2001 and, with pool player-based content and high impact photography, quickly became the largest magazine in the world for the sport of billiards. The official web site,, followed shortly after and became one of the largest web sites in billiards. The web site features videos, image galleries, pool lessons, custom pool cue makers, online games, player profiles, tournament brackets, live streaming video, rules, product reviews, and the latest billiard news from around the world.

Friday, September 3, 2010

September Cuebux Sweepstakes - Dominiak Ultra Pete Pool Cue

MSRP: $199
Ultra Pete courtesy of Dominiak Custom Cues

This last month we started strong giving away a G01 from Viking Cues a $136 online value.

This month with the help of our friends at Dominiak, we have been able to out-do ourselves .
Meet the Ultra Pete, the sickest sneaky pete you have ever laid your eyes - not hands on.

It looks like a plain maple cue, but there is a- lot of work and years of knowledge behind this custom cue.

  • 8 Piece radially laminated butt for better feedback and response
  • 8 Piece radial laminate shaft for lower deflection
  • The sneakiest of the Petes
  • Phenolic shaft insert for a crisp connection to the joint
  • Stainless steel radial pin
  • Slim taper
  • Unique matte finish for a very cool feel.
  • Kamui 2 Medium Tip
  • Short 3/4 aegis through ferrule

This cue seriously is a monster player and feels superb in the hand.

You can win one by registering at Cuebux Billiards Supply
If you are too anxious to get one , you can also order by contacting Dominiak Cue Company


New Dominiak Custom Cue - Win An Ultra Pete!

We are up to it again,

Last month was our first, run of sweepstakes entries and we had a heck of a giveaway - One Viking G01 in Red.

This month with the help of our good friends over at Dominiak Custom Cues we have upped the antee. We are giving away one of their newly released Ultra Pete pool cues..

You are probably a little excited now, right?

Well you should be.

This sucker is a sweet little custom that is nothing like anything you have ever heard of.

  • Custom 8 piece radially laminated butt

  • 8 piece radially laminated shaft, sneaky pete style

  • Custom phenolic pin insert

  • Custom Radial pin / Wood to Wood joint

  • Short ferrule

  • KAMUI 2 Medium Tip

  • Slim Taper

  • Matte finish for a very different feel.

This cue stick is not built to be flashy, but it definately has my attention.

You can register to win this cue by going to the CUEBUX sweepstakes page
The drawing will be 10/3/2010 so get registered.

Or, if you don't want to try your luck this cue can be purchased at or by contacting Custom Cues by Dominiak

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

First Numbers Drawn Cuebux Sweepstakes Giveaway of a Viking G01 Pool Cue

The numbers have been scrambled and we have a winner.
Make sure you are paying attention to your email accounts for a response. Many entrants did not put in a phone number, so the only way to notify you is by email.

If you are the winner, we have already sent out an email with the details.

A response must be made within 24 hours, or we will draw another number. Thank you to everyone that registered. Our new drawing for the month of September will be starting on the 3rd.

Enter to win a brand new Dominiak Ultra Pete -- MSRP: $199

  • 8 Piece radial laminate butt
  • 8 Piece radial laminate , Hard Rock Maple , 29" pro tapered shaft
  • Phenolic Radial Insert / Shaft Side
  • Stainless Radial pin / Butt side
  • Slim tapered butt


No purchase necessary, just your email and details.


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