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From Matthew Sherman, your Guide to Pool / Billiards
When you go, eat right. When you play, skewer 'em all! A few quick tips for not getting too soused or full on the job...

Tournament Food Without The Pool And Billiards Heartburn
A reader asks about not feeling the burn during a tense tournament match. He writes: "Hello Matt; I hoping that you can provide your insight on what you feel is a... Read more

Billiards Book - Cue Ball Control Cheat Sheets...?
Cue Ball Control Cheat Sheets, I like this billiards book! It's not a billiards book of history or a pool book filled with a cast of characters, nor is it your... Read more

What Is The Best Way To Learn Jump Shooting Pool?
As promised from recent articles, I'm highlighting the wisdom (or lack of wisdom?) is bouncing up on the shot. Yes, Virginia, you can leap through the air even as you stroke... Read more

Save Frustration Following Our Lead
For too long, myths have prevailed on how to inject power and style into your pool game. Enjoy the articles and step-by-step demonstrations and illustrations within. Watch your pool and billiards soar to stellar heights!


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