Friday, June 25, 2010

Authorized Viking Cue Dealer

Thank you Viking for finally getting our name up on the board correctly. We are authorized Viking Pool Cue dealers, and have been for some time now.

They even set us up with a huge stack of there catalog's to put in our showroom as well as our customer's shipments.

Thank You Viking Cues

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tiger X Shaft LD NEW from Tiger Products

Tiger Products X LD Shaft

Tiger Products has just released news of there new X LD Cue shafts. These shafts are very similar to the popular Tiger X shaft first produced in the mid 90's but they have been modified by adding balsa to the core effectively making the shaft lighter than there predecesor. This light weight modification produces lower deflection making it easier for pool players to pocket the ball.

The Tiger LD shaft comes standard with a Sniper tip , and very short 0.25" length Saber-T ferrule for better performance. If you have a standard maple shaft, you just might want to pick up and extra shaft from Tiger products.

This shaft as well as all of Tiger's New items will be released at the 2010 show in Las Vegas, and become available to the public on July 5th, 2010.

Tiger has promised much improvement over there previous designs. They are also releasing the new X PRO shaft, a conical tapered version very similar to the Predator Z shaft as well as the new Onyx cue tips and a new Tiger Break cue featuring the upgraded Icebreaker tip.

X Pro Cue Shafts NEW from Tiger Products

Tiger Products X Pro Shafts

Tiger X Pro Shaft

Tiger Products has just released news of there new X PRO Cue shafts. These shafts are very similar to the popular Tiger X shaft first produced in the mid 90's but they have been modified by adding balsa to the core, a shorter ferrule, and conical taper making this shaft the lowest deflection of there line.

The Tiger X Pro shaft comes standard with the new Onyx Cue Tip , a .25" Saber-T ferrule and 11.75mm tip Conical taper very similar to that of a Predator Z-2 shaft.

This product will debut during the 2010 show in Las Vegas where tiger will reveal all of there new products including the new Tiger LD X Shafts which are the pro-tapered version of the new X shaft series, as well as the Onyx cue tips and a new Break cue stick featuring the upgraded icebreaker tip.


Thursday, June 17, 2010

Onyx Pool Cue Tips

Tiger has just released news of there new Onyx - LTD® cue tips for billiard cues. These Onyx tips are made with the same bore hides as the well known Sniper tips. Each layer of precision skivved leather is treated with Tiger Cue Products secret process of underground tanning. Each layer of the cue tip is turned black afterwords without using any dye. This is a very slow and time consuming process.

During these steps the cue tip layers are softened ti a medium hardness while making the leather more porous and rubber-like for better cue ball action. This also makes the cue tips easier to maintain and last longer. Onyx cue tips are consistent, long lasting, and high performance.

Onyx cue tips by Tiger will be produced in limited numbers each year. This is because of the very time consuming and labor intensive process needed to create the tips. "For those who want the best, Onyx-LTD®".

Tiger Onyx Cue Tips

Onyx Cue Tips will become available on July 5th 2010, first sales will be available from Tiger Products at the BCA Show in Las Vegas


Pre-order your Onyx Pool Cue Tips

Thursday, June 10, 2010

End of the Villar Cup?

This week Announced, Manny Villiar now former President of the Philippines has lost his race to continue his stay in office

Manny was a large supporter of his countries "national sport". With the Villar Cup bearing his name, and a new president in office it is questionable wither billiards can expect to see the series stay alive


In this very old movie, You can see Efren shooting in the tournament. There is a lot of history and heritage that could be lost with the Villar Cup.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Kamui Gator Grip

Yes, that’s right suggests you throw away your spiked, gritty, concaved, and “put between your feet and start a forest fire in the pool hall” type of pool cue tip tool.

Ever since Kamuiâ„¢ Tips did a soft introduction to the market of the new Kamuiâ„¢ Gator Grip this past May in Vegas at the BCAPL tournament, it has proven itself to be a unique solution to the common problem of a glazed pool cue tip surface. It is the answer to proper pool cue tip maintenance and necessary to agitate the compaction of chalk that would otherwise intercept the relationship of the ball and Kamuiâ„¢ leather.


for approximately 6 years, Kamui™ Tips could very well take on the persona as the proverbial Little Engine That Could. Kamui™ Tips has stood out from the competition with the ambition of producing the best pool cue tip money can buy for the avid and recreational player. “With the mass of pool cue tips that are on the market, many players experience miss-cue and mushroom issues at times when they need their cue to perform the most” says, John Bertone Owner/Operator of “Our manufacturer understood that in order to corner the tip market, science, technology and high standards is the formula for a successful and consistent product during the production process.”


The Kamuiâ„¢ Gator Grip is now available at most cue maker shops and retailers. Get the Kamui Gator Grip



Tuesday, June 1, 2010

ACS Teams up with Lucasi Hybrid

ACS Teams up with Lucasi Hybrid

ACS Announces Lucasi Hybrid Partnership

Always mindful of increasing benefits to its members, the American CueSports Alliance (ACS) has entered into a partnership with the hottest new technology cue on the market – Lucasi Hybrid. In addition to the great exposure it has received in sponsoring the ACS All American Tour over the last year, Lucasi Hybrid Cues will now also become the presenting sponsor of the ACS National Championships and the ACS Midwest 8-Ball Championships through 2012. With Lucasi Hybrid Cues the primary sponsor of the ACS league system, each pool league with a minimum of 30 players that sanctions with the ACS will receive a free Lucasi Hybrid Cue that can be used to draw added income into each local league.


For leagues that choose to sanction with ACS during the 2010-2011 league year and take advantage of the free cue offer, various Lucasi Hybrid Cue logos are attached for affixing to your score sheets, weekly standings templates or other documents that your players may view weekly. Once your league sanctions with ACS, ACS will transmit instructions for sending one-time documentation to Lucasi Hybrid to receive your cue!

Lucasi Hybrid on Facebook

Lucasi Hybrid is also teaming up with the ACS to give away free trips to Las Vegas for the 2011 ACS Nationals at the “NEW” Tropicana Las Vegas (May 7-14), as well as free cue giveaway promotions throughout the league year on their Facebook page

The ACS sanctions leagues in 39 states, works with the CCS in Canada, produces the ACS National Championships at the Tropicana Las Vegas, the Midwest 8-Ball Championships at the Riverside Casino in Iowa, the national Lucasi Hybrid All American Tour, supports twelve state and regional championships, certifies coaches and referees, and is a non-profit, national organization dedicated to heightening the interest and awareness of cue sports through the support and sanctioning of organized competition throughout the United States. Information on the ACS is available at More details on your league qualifying for a free Lucasi Hybrid Cue are available by calling 1-888-662-1705.

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