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CCS Announces 2011 Dates


TELEPHONE: 920-662-1705


CCS Announces 2011 Canadian Schedule -

Open To All ACS League Members !

The Canadian Cue Sport Association (CCS), the ACS's sister organization in Canada, has announced its schedule of provincial and national championships in 2011.  The CCS is also a non-profit, member-governed association, and all ACS league members who meet minimum participation requirements within their local ACS league are qualified to enter all CCS events!


2011 Lucasi Hybrid CCS British Columbia: Feb. 2-6/ Lakeside Resort Hotel & Casino/ Penticton BC


2011 Lucasi Hybrid CCS Westerns: May 25-2/ Acadia Rec Centr/ Calgary AB


-       2011 Lucasi Hybrid CCS Canadians: Apr 19-23/ Delta Meadowvale Resort and Conference Centre/ Missassauga ON


Complete details for each event will be available on the CCS website: Direct tel. # for the CCS is 403-271-9221. 



ACS is a non-profit, national organization dedicated to heightening the interest and awareness of cue sports through the support and sanctioning of organized competition throughout the United States.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

American Cue Sports - Updates Rankings and Formats 2011 ACS Nationals

ACS Updates its Formats and Rankings for the 2011 ACS Nationals at the Tropicana Las Vegas


The American CueSports Alliance (ACS) has teamed up with the Canadian Cue Sport Association (CCS) to update and standardize the Tournament Formats and Player Rankings between the two affiliated organizations.   

For ACS, the biggest change is the adoption of a new top level ‘Advanced’ Division for all Events and a new ‘Advanced’ Player Ranking, which the CCS has used since its incorporation six years ago.

Here is a full summary of all the changes which will be effective for the 2011 ACS Nationals, May 7-14, at the Tropicana Las Vegas:

1. Divisions
The ACS will now offer Divisions categorized as Standard, Open and Advanced for all events – Singles, Scotch Doubles and Team – for both 8Ball and 9Ball, where applicable.

There will no longer be a Division category labeled as Master in any event.

2. ‘Bump Up’ Ratio
The player and team ‘bump up’ ratio for both the 8Ball Singles and 8Ball Team events will be set at 12% between Standard / Open and 12% between Open / Advanced.

This ratio is being applied retroactively to 2005.

3. Player Rankings
All players will be given a separate Singles Player Ranking and a Team Player Ranking of either C - Standard, B – Open, A - Advanced or M – Master.
The Player Rankings will be based on the highest of their last 2 Performance Rankings in the 8Ball Singles event and the 8Ball Team event, as follows: 
            (i) Finished in top 12% - M Master
            (i) Finished in money but not top 12% - A Advanced
            (ii) Finished out of money – B Open
            (i) Finished in top 12% - A Advanced
            (ii) Finished in money but not top 12% - B Open
            (iii) Finished out of money – C Standard
            (i) Finished in top 12% - B Open
            (ii) Finished in money but not top 12% - C Standard
            (iii) Finished out of money – C Standard

This means that there will now be a full performance history for every player who has played in these two events regardless of their finishes.

Since your Player Ranking will be based on the highest of your last two finishes, any move up is immediate but the move down will only happen after you come back and finish out of the money in (2) consecutive appearances at the ACS Nationals.
There will be no automatic dropdown for those with an M – Master Player Ranking.
A Player’s Team Ranking cannot be lower than their Singles Ranking.

The ACS will continue to recognize the Player Ranking Lists of both the VNEA and the BCAPL and ACS administration will have the right to assign Player Rankings based on KA – Known Ability.

The ACS Player Ranking Records will be maintained in an online database accessible by everyone on both the ACS and CCS websites by September 1, 2010..

4. 8Ball Team Event Restrictions
The above Team Player Rankings will be applied as follows:
Advanced – No restriction as to the number of A Advanced or M Masters players.          
Open – Maximum (1) A Advanced player or (1) M Master player.
            Standard – Maximum (1) B Open player. No A Advanced or M Master players.

5. 8 Ball Entry Fees
A progression has been given to the 8Ball Entry Fees between the Divisions:
            Singles – Standard $125, Open $150, Advanced $175
            Team – Standard $200, Open $300, Advanced $400

6. Original Member Rule
The ‘Original Member Rule’ has been eliminated for all Advanced Team divisions. 
The ‘Original Member Rule’ has been eliminated for all Women’s Team divisions.
The ‘3 Original Member Rule’ will remain in effect for Men’s/Mixed Standard and Men’s/Mixed Open Team divisions.
The ‘Same League Rule’ will continue to be in effect for all Team events. 

7.  ACS Hotel Room Voucher Program
The economic reality today for the ACS Nationals to remain in Las Vegas and be at a host property like the very desirable Tropicana, is that the majority of players must support the host property by staying there during the tournament.

If they don’t, then the deal that the ACS struck with the Tropicana no longer works financially, the ACS would be subject to very severe financial penalties and any future Event would be in jeopardy.

In dealing with this critical issue and to encourage players to stay at the Tropicana, the ACS Board felt it had no choice but to introduce a Hotel Voucher Fee with every entry to the ACS Nationals.

So, if you stay at the Tropicana, the Hotel Room Voucher acts like a Room Deposit and you will have prepaid a part of your Room Bill.

If you don’t stay at the Tropicana, the unredeemed Hotel Room Voucher will be used to help offset any financial penalties charged to the ACS by the Tropicana.

The Hotel Room Voucher amount per Entry at the ACS Vegas 2011 Nationals are as follows:
            $50 – Singles
            $50 – Scotch Doubles
            $75 – 9 Ball Team (3 player)
            $100 – 8 Ball Team Womens (4 player)                       
            $125 – 8 Ball Team Mens Mixed (5 player)

The ACS is very excited with the move to the Tropicana Las Vegas in early May and complete information and entry forms will be posted on the ACS website – – by September 1, 2010.
By Press Release - 2010-07-30

Janet Atwell 2010 OB Cues Ladies Tour - Oklahoma State tags:ladies,ob cues,tournament,tour

Janet Atwell is the 2010 OB Cues Ladies Tour Oklahoma State Champion

The OB Cues Ladies Tour held its 5th tour stop of this season and our host stop is always a favorite spot for all pool players around the country.  We are speaking about Magoo’s Billiards in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  Everyone at Magoo’s from the staff to the owners to pool patrons to friends and family joined us for some great fun and good times July 24th/25th weekend.

Special thanks to Jim and Laura McDermott for welcoming us to their fabulous poolroom; they have been regular hosts on our OB Cues Ladies Tour for many years now and we hope to continue to enjoy their hospitality and spacious environment for future events.

As this stop was an Oklahoma State Championship, WPBA pros were allowed to play and we were excited to have 3 current WPBA players join the competition.  Janet Atwell, Belinda Calhoun and Kyoko Sone were looking to get in some table time and practice before the WPBA U.S. Open in neighboring Norman, Oklahoma this upcoming week.  As the tournament draw was completed, right out the shoot it was Belinda Calhoun and Kyoko Sone to start things off.  Twenty-eight ladies rolled up their sleeves and said “let the games begin” as the heat inside was just as hot as outside.  Players were vying for the guaranteed 1st place prize money of $750 and as the tournament day wound down, eight ladies were still in the running.

On Sunday, winner side matches included two regular tour top players Tara Williams vs. Ashley Nandrasy and WPBA veteran Janet Atwell vs. Melinda Bailey.  Janet Atwell attended last year’s Oklahoma State Championship and took 2nd place.  She came back to avenge that finish and was on a 1st place quest.  On the B-side of the bracket was another WPBA veteran Belinda Calhoun to take on Jennifer Kraber and Tracie Voelkering vs. Lisa Marr.  As the matches progressed, it would be Janet vs. Ashley for the hot seat and Janet looking more to win this event as she played pretty sporty taking the winner’s bracket with a score of 7-2.

But Ashley was not finished yet.  Ashley had an excellent tournament run in a very tough bracket.  She managed wins over Denise Jones 7-3; Julie Comitini 7-0; Belinda Calhoun 7-4; Tara Williams twice 7-4 and 7-3 to get another shot at Janet.  In true double elimination--race to 7 format, Ashley would have to defeat Janet twice.  As the 1st set commenced, Janet was missing critical shots and Ashley was finishing games and won 7-2 to force a second set.   The second set was a teeter-totter match.  It was 1-0, 1-1, 2-1, 2-2 and so on.  All in all, the second match consisted of a battle of safeties, kicks, banks, caroms and fortunate rolls for both players.   As the score was hill-hill, it all comes down to Janet kicking at an 8-ball and with a little nudge off the 9-ball, the 8 goes in, leaving a straight in shot on the 9 for the win.  Congratulations to Ashley for a nice 2nd place finish.  Also congratulations to Janet for her 1st place win and $750.  Janet is also sponsored by OB Cues who coincidentally is also our Tour Sponsor so be sure to check them out.

Our 6th stop of the season will be at Billiard Den in Richardson, Texas, August 21st-22nd weekend.  Check us out at   Good Pool, Good Friends, Good Times

By Tour Staff - 2010-07-29

Mezz Cues Pro Am Tour Stop - Drexel Hill PA tags:mezz,cues,tournament

The Mezz Pro-Am Tour made its way to Drexeline Billiards in Drexel Hill Pa on Sunday July 25, 2010 where a strong field of 52 players came out to play.  Top players on this day included Josh Brothers, Jeremy Sossei, Manny Chau, Eddie Abraham, Matt Krah, Shaun Wilkie, Dave Daya, Ed Matushonek, Brett Stottlemyer and Jennifer Barretta.

Leading the top half of the bracket was Josh Brothers with wins over Joe Dadich 7-0, Joe Chester 7-1, Raphael Saldana 7-2, Mark Stewart 7-4 and Danny Bell 7-5.

Leading the bottom half of the bracket was Jeremy Sossei with wins over Mike Miller 7-4, Tom Zippler 7-0, Brett Stottlemyer 7-5 and Shaun Wilkie 7-5.

Playing for the hot seat was Josh Brothers vs Jeremy Sossei. This was a great match that went hill hill with Josh Brothers coming away with the win 7-6 and sending Jeremy Sossei to the one loss side.  Waiting for Jeremy on the one loss side was Manny Chau, from the start it was all Jeremy Sossei winning easily 6-3 to get to the finals.

In the finals it was Jeremy Sossei vs Josh Brothers, Sossei would have to beat Brothers twice to win the event it never got to that point as both players decided to be co-champions of the event.

I would like to thank the sponsors and all the players for coming out to the event.

By Tour Staff - 2010-07-30

Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Art of War versus The Art of Pool - Book tags:billiards,book,pool,snooker,sun tsu,lionel giles

(SANTA CLARA, CA) Allan P. Sand has just released another book in his Billiard Gods series. "The Art of War versus The Art of Pool". It is an ebook that describes how Sun Tsu (the ancient Chinese general) would teach strategy and tactics in table billiards.


This is the thinking man's guide to "above the table" thinking and playing. It is a map on how to play effective pool - including all of the strategies and tactics that should be considered before bending over to take a shot.


This book (100 pp) takes the Lionel Giles 1910 translation of this 2,500 year old book on warfare and applies the lessons to playing table billiards. Everything is included from strategies that are designed to use your opponent's strengths and weaknesses against him, to tactical decisions that consider the immediate circumstances.


This book embodies the real secrets to playing well. The material covers many aspects of the game:

- analyzing opponents and how to determine strengths and weaknesses

- creating a strategic plan

- tactics when you are in a weak position

- tactics against unknown opponents

- tactics against a superior opponent

- even public relations with your opponents


This book actually documents the real secrets of intelligent pool playing, including definitive proof that the game truly is closer to chess in its complexity. This is first book that actually documents the complete philosophy of billiards. 


This book is available in ebook formats (PDF, ePub, Mobi, and LIT) for $6.99 at the web site. It is part of a series, designed to help shooters play better by using their brains first. All books are available at the web site. The author has been playing for more than 45 years. He is an ACS Instructor and on the ACS Marketing Committee and the ACS Player/League Development Committee.

The Psychology of Loosing - Billiards Book tag:billiards,book,acs,snooker,pool

(SANTA CLARA, CA) Allan P. Sand has just released another book in his Billiard Gods series. "The Psychology of Losing - Tricks, Traps and Sharks" documents 80+ ways that players can be sharked and distracted from playing their best. The book teaches defensive gamesmanship.

Sharking has always been a problem in table billiards. If this was just a book on how to shark, it would be banned in billiard parlors and pool halls across the world. It is not a guide to distractive behavior. It is a reference that describes individual types of sharks - AND provides the solutions and counter-responses to stop them.

The types of sharks are not only the silly coin jingling and line of sight tricks that teenagers love to use against each other. There are dozens of psychological needles that are barely felt and rarely recognized. Often, the only record of their existence is the string of wins by an apparently average shooter. 

What makes this book so important to the pool-playing public is that it finally reveals the entirety of subtle and unsubtle gamesmanship. Many of these are effective simply because they are not recognized as a shark. Even a single read will protect you from dozens of common sharks.

This book is as real as it gets. The material is common to pool halls, home tables, and bars. The social levels covered range from the highest, richest of places down to the lowest, grungiest bar. Once learned, any type of shark can be identified and stopped. Without effective tricks, such user have to depend on real skills.

The research took more than 15 months of dedicated effort. Most of the material came from the memories and experiences of long-time players. Bob Jewett & Eric Harada (San Francisco Billiards Academy) were major contributors. Dozens of old geezers who don't want their names known were interviewed and provided their experiences. To ensure complete coverage, hundreds of players identified what bothered them. A few dozen were selected for testing of the counter-responses and validated in real-time.

This book is available printed and in ebook formats (PDF, ePub, Mobi, and LIT). It is part of a series, designed to help shooters play better by using their brains first. All books are available at the web site. The author has been playing for more than 45 years. He is an ACS Instructor and on the ACS Marketing Committee and the ACS Player/League Development Committee.

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