Friday, May 28, 2010

The Billiards Syndicate

Have you ever wondered how connected we are?
This person does that, and affects a whole string of events that lead to another connection.

We've pictorially broken down the link between various Billiards companies and individuals to create the web we call The Billiards Media Syndicate 1.0 - Check it out for full functionality

Included with descriptions and links relating each entity to one another.

This picture will expand over time as more data is gathered. Add information to the comments and watch the web weave.

Add us to your friends or follow us to see updates when they happen.

Current Syndicate: Kamui Tips, John Bertone, Mika Immonen, Florian Kohler, Venom Trick Shots, +SPOT Apparel, Runoutmedia and Friend Us |Facebook | Cuebux Twitter | Cuebux Youtube | Flikr

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Monday, May 24, 2010

Pool Cue Parts - Anatomy of a Pool Cue


The pin is the male insert of the joint located at the top of the butt. This threaded piece is usually made of metal, inserts in to the female insert of your shaft creating a tight and accurate fitting. The length, width and pitch of your threaded pin will vary from cuemaker to cuemaker. Commonly 3/8x10 , 5/16x14 and 5/16x18 pins are used for most production cue work.
It is very important that your cue’s pin stay straight and true to center because any inconsistency could throw the cue out of whack. To do this we suggest the use of joint protectors to protect your cue while it is being carried in its cue case.

See the entire Anatomy of a Pool Cue at Cuebux


Rings are purely decorative. They serve to balance the look of a cue and match the look of the shaft to the butt section of a cue. Rings can be found in a number of spots on a cue. Most commonly they are placed near the shaft and butt collar, on top and bottom of the wrap as well as near the butt sleve of a cue.


The collar is the part of your cues joint that touches to the collar of your shaft when your cue is assembled. The butt collar is often made of a plastic or composite material which protects the wood joint from being damaged during hard blows. This style of joint is often considered a “wood to wood” joint. Another common style is the Steel joint which produces a harder hitting more foreword balanced cue.


The forearm of your cue is often the most ornate and butifull portion of a cue. Often points and inlays are placed within the wood to create these designs. The forearm is also very vital in producing a good hit. Higher level cues often have a cored forearm which will maintain a straighter line over time and produce a different feel where more inexpensive cues are usually a solid piece.


The wrap could also be called the grip of a cue. The wrap normally goes from the center of a cue to the butt collar. Wraps come in a variety of different colors and materials. Most commonly Linen or “Irish” linen is wound around the cue in such a fassion that it creates a stable, finely finished spot for you to grip your cue. Here at cuebux we have a variety of cues to choose from as well as multiple options for your wrap including Leather, Exotic skins, or a number of different colored irish linen wraps.


Inlays are produced by cutting away a piece of your cues core wood and replacing it with exotic materials. Inlays are what gives your cue its unique flavor. With todays modern technology, most are cut with computer controlled routers. hand cut inlays are done on a machine called a pantograph. These wild designs can come in a variety of shapes and sizes

Butt Sleeve

The but sleeve is often made by drilling a hole through a piece of wood that is glued over a dowel that has been placed inside of the handle portion of your cue. The butt sleve serves mostly for decoration.


The bumper of your cue is built to provide protection against the floor while resting your cue. Bumpers come in a variety of sizes, shapes and materials

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