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ACS Announces Format/Ranking Changes for 2011


TELEPHONE: 920-662-1705


ACS Updates its Formats and Rankings for the

2011 ACS Nationals at the Tropicana Las Vegas


The American CueSports Alliance (ACS) has teamed up with the Canadian Cue Sport Association (CCS) to update and standardize the Tournament Formats and Player Rankings between the two affiliated organizations.   


For ACS, the biggest change is the adoption of a new top level ‘Advanced’ Division for all Events and a new ‘Advanced’ Player Ranking, which the CCS has used since its incorporation six years ago.


Here is a full summary of all the changes which will be effective for the 2011 ACS Nationals, May 7-14, at the Tropicana Las Vegas:


1. Divisions

  • The ACS will now offer Divisions categorized as Standard, Open and Advanced for all events – Singles, Scotch Doubles and Team – for both 8Ball and 9Ball, where applicable.
  • There will no longer be a Division category labeled as Master in any event.

2. ‘Bump Up’ Ratio

  • The player and team ‘bump up’ ratio for both the 8Ball Singles and 8Ball Team events will be set at 12% between Standard / Open and 12% between Open / Advanced.
  • This ratio is being applied retroactively to 2005.

3. Player Rankings

  • All players will be given a separate Singles Player Ranking and a Team Player Ranking of either C - Standard, B – Open, A - Advanced or M – Master.
  • The Player Rankings will be based on the highest of their last 2 Performance Rankings in the 8Ball Singles event and the 8Ball Team event, as follows: 


            (i) Finished in top 12% - M Master

            (i) Finished in money but not top 12% - A Advanced

            (ii) Finished out of money – B Open


            (i) Finished in top 12% - A Advanced

            (ii) Finished in money but not top 12% - B Open

            (iii) Finished out of money – C Standard


            (i) Finished in top 12% - B Open

            (ii) Finished in money but not top 12% - C Standard

            (iii) Finished out of money – C Standard


  • This means that there will now be a full performance history for every player who has played in these two events regardless of their finishes.
  • Since your Player Ranking will be based on the highest of your last two finishes, any move up is immediate but the move down will only happen after you come back and finish out of the money in (2) consecutive appearances at the ACS Nationals.
  • There will be no automatic dropdown for those with an M – Master Player Ranking.
  • A Player’s Team Ranking cannot be lower than their Singles Ranking.
  • The ACS will continue to recognize the Player Ranking Lists of both the VNEA and the BCAPL and ACS administration will have the right to assign Player Rankings based on KA – Known Ability.
  • The ACS Player Ranking Records will be maintained in an online database accessible by everyone on both the ACS and CCS websites by September 1, 2010..

4. 8Ball Team Event Restrictions

  • The above Team Player Rankings will be applied as follows:

Advanced – No restriction as to the number of A Advanced or M Masters players.          

Open – Maximum (1) A Advanced player or (1) M Master player.

            Standard – Maximum (1) B Open player. No A Advanced or M Master players.


5. 8Ball Entry Fees

  • A progression has been given to the 8Ball Entry Fees between the Divisions:

            Singles – Standard $125, Open $150, Advanced $175

            Team – Standard $200, Open $300, Advanced $400


6. Original Member Rule

  • The ‘Original Member Rule’ has been eliminated for all Advanced Team divisions. 
  • The ‘Original Member Rule’ has been eliminated for all Women’s Team divisions.
  • The ‘3 Original Member Rule’ will remain in effect for Men’s/Mixed Standard and Men’s/Mixed Open Team divisions.
  • The ‘Same League Rule’ will continue to be in effect for all Team events. 

7.  ACS Hotel Room Voucher Program

  • The economic reality today for the ACS Nationals to remain in Las Vegas and be at a host property like the very desirable Tropicana, is that the majority of players must support the host property by staying there during the tournament.
  • If they don’t, then the deal that the ACS struck with the Tropicana no longer works financially, the ACS would be subject to very severe financial penalties and any future Event would be in jeopardy.
  • In dealing with this critical issue and to encourage players to stay at the Tropicana, the ACS Board felt it had no choice but to introduce a Hotel Voucher Fee with every entry to the ACS Nationals.
  • So, if you stay at the Tropicana, the Hotel Room Voucher acts like a Room Deposit and you will have prepaid a part of your Room Bill.
  • If you don’t stay at the Tropicana, the unredeemed Hotel Room Voucher will be used to help offset any financial penalties charged to the ACS by the Tropicana.
  • The Hotel Room Voucher amount per Entry at the ACS Vegas 2011 Nationals are as follows:

            $50 – Singles

            $50 – Scotch Doubles

            $75 – 9 Ball Team (3 player)

            $100 – 8 Ball Team Womens (4 player)                       

            $125 – 8 Ball Team Mens Mixed (5 player)


The ACS is very excited with the move to the Tropicana Las Vegas in early May and complete information and entry forms will be posted on the ACS website – – by September 1, 2010.



ACS: // Toll-free 1-888-662-1705



Saturday, July 17, 2010

A First Look at the New Kamui Tips

New Kamui Tips introduced to the US 7/17/2009 Las Vegas Nevada - Kamui Pub Con


Kamui had adopted a new tanning process that makes the tips rich with elasticity , abrasive and much higher quality compared to chrome leather,

But with this more consistent production method, the tips were more susceptible to moisture absorption.

The new Kamui tips both have been treated with a new process that makes the leather virtually waterproof.

You will experience a consistent feel from both the new Kamui Black and new Kamui Original.


Kamui now uses a multi platform quality test both before and after production to guarantee every run of tips are worthy of the Kamui name.

This includes a number of hardness tests, density, and elasticticy testing.


Kamui’s new look also serves a purpose.

The cue tip manufacturer now uses a unique foil printing that is very hard to reproduce.

The tips are also marked with Kamui’s legacy serial numbering.

The synergy of these two markings makes Kamui tips impossible to counterfeit.


One major concern for players that choose layered tips is mushrooming and delaminating.

This is mostly caused from the high pressures caused when the tip makes contact with the ball.

Kamui has designed a method of calculating the perfect tanning time and concentration to guarantee the

perfect density which eliminates any delamination or mushrooming, guarantees consistent hardness and

a longer life span from your tip.


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

This Week of July In Pool

BCA Expo Las Vegas baby!

The word is that Kamui, McDermott, Tiger and a very large number of new billiards promoters and product managers will be releasing there new 2010-2011 Products... TO THE WORLD!

- K.K. KAMUI Ninja

New Kamui Tips.. Same Price , New Look, New Feel. Check out our One on One interview with founder Masano from Kamui Japan this Saturday following the Kamui Pub Conference.. Woot Woot, Beer n Fine dining for $20, eat that sucka!

- McDermott shoots the beaver

McDermott has a bombshell to drop and we've got the goods.
Almost there entire pool cue line has been reinvented with over 250 cues in there new catalog. Were wetting our pants waiting for the new cues to become available. There are some real prrty cues.
On top of that, a shout out to Kamui tips for latching themselves on to every McDermott as a standard tip option.

- Tiger pulls in a bit earlier
Tony the Main man Tiger will be showing off his new Onyx tips at the show too. He jumped the gun a bit and released his new line at the beginning of the month, but there are still plenty of you that have not seen the new Tiger Products lineup... Onyx Tips, Two new Tiger X Shafts, and New Tiger Break Cues.

Q&A , You ask the question, we answer - ZEN

Monday, July 12, 2010

McDermott New Cues

2010 McDermott New Product Line

For Immediate Release: 07/12/10

MENOMONEE FALLS, WI. – 7/12/2010:

McDermott Cue Mfg., LLC is a leading manufacturer and world-wide distributor of pool cues, performance shafts and billiard accessories. McDermott is proud to announce their ALL NEW 2010 PRODUCT LINE which will be unveiled to dealers and distributors at the 2010 BCA Show in Las Vegas. This line features over 100 all new, made in the USA McDermott G-Series cues. These cues have already had a limited viewing and have received exceptional feedback on the cutting edge designs and the value of the cues.

“It’s been over a decade since we’ve undertaken redesigning our entire cue line. The G-Series is all new. We focused on the customer and the demand for new designs at a great price in these tough economic times. All our cues starting from $245 to $699 come standard with our $149 G-Core shaft. All cues over $700 come standard with our $249 i-2 shaft. All cues truly are an exceptional value offering more performance at a lower price” said Larry Liebl, McDermott Executive Vice President.

Also brand new for 2010 is McDermott’s Element F2 Dual Fiber Core cue line. Element cues are built for durability and strength. The combination of multiple strands of thin carbon fiber, overlapped and reinforced with McDermott’s resin fiber-polymer makes Element cues incredibly strong for their weight and are moisture/warp resistant. Cue prices range from $89-$139.

The 2010 cue line also features completely redesigned Star and Lucky cues as well as new cases, accessories and clothing. All products from our new catalog can be seen at or through the McDermott 2010/2011 catalog.

Commenting on the new product launch, McDermott Owner Greg Knight says, “The new McDermott product line has grown to reach customers of all price levels from $39 to $6500. We are excited about all our new products and look forward to growing our brands and customer base even further.”

McDermott Cue is headquartered in Menomonee Falls, WI markets under the brands of McDermott Cue, Star Cue, Lucky Cue, Element Cue, Wildfire, Pool Prodigy, Intimidator Shafts, G-Core Shafts, Big Boy Shafts, Sledgehammer Break Cue, Stinger Jump/Break Cues, and Elephant Balls.

The entire line of McDermott Cues at Cuebux Billiard Supply.. an Authorized McDermott Retailer.

Monday, July 5, 2010

New Kamui Tips to be released at Pub Con

Kamui™ Tips is sponsoring the first ever product launch event the Pub Con 2010 in Las Vegas, Nevada, on

Thursday July 15th 2010 at Kahunaville Island Restraunt - Map | Website

The event will be held at Las Vegas’ original party bar, the Kahunaville Island Restaurant (Located in the Treasure Island Hotel). This unique event will host a full bar and a plated dinner from 7pm - 10pm. After 10pm, Kahunaville is known for its “Roc the Mic” live karaoke where patrons can sing live on stage with the house band, and there gymnast bar-tenders who can really put on a show.

Kamui™ Tips will be releasing the new line up of the ALL NEW Kamui™ Tips. The first 100 paid registrants can be the first to own this new grade of Kamui™ Tips. Las Vegas attendees will have the opportunity to experience them first!

Those that will be attending the BCA trade show in Las Vegas next week are encouraged to party with “Kamui and the gang”!

Tickets are only $20 per person and event organizers are asking everyone to please register at: KamuiPub by midnight July 11, or pay $30 at the door. (Based on availability).

Poolgoog will have an update on the 15th with information on the New Original Kamui Tips, and the New Kamui Black Tip

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Friday, July 2, 2010

Schon Cues STL08

Schon STL08 Cues

Schon STL08

more on: Schon STL08

Schon STL8 has a birdseye maple front and butt sleeve.

The forearm has 4 points outlined with four sets of alternating veneers, and inlayed with Medium sized Ivory diamonds. The butt sleve is inlayed with Ivory diamonds and Ebony rays making the cue appear to have mitred birdseye boxes.




Meucci Gambler 2

Meucci Gambler Pool Cue

Meucci Gambler 2 Pool Cue Stick


More On :

This Meucci Gambler pool cue stick brings the style for any gambler at heart. The Ivory colored forearm has four ebony points outlined with red and black veneer. Below the Black Irish linen handle is the butt sleeve. Ebony colored with foru playing cards sandwiched between silver rings. On either side of the silver rings are six dice inlays. This mix of style with a Black Dot Bullseye shaft will be sure to put your opponents on tilt. Your a sure bet with this Meucci Classic Cue.



McFarland Cue Sticks - 202

McFarland Cue   202

Mcfarland 202 Cue Stick

Catalog Code: MCF202


Mcfarland 202 Cue Stick

McFaraland cues are built under the strick scottish tradition. Silver and golden maple adorned with a matching Irish linen wrap.

This cue's forearm is maple with four dark black ebony points floating atop Celtic Knots. The wrap is solid black linen to match the flow of the forearm and give you a nice handle to hold.

The butt of this pool cue is solid ebony with stacked maple and silver rings with the same celtic knot in silver wrapped around the center.


Content from McDermott Cues 2010 Catalog Headline Animator